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Our top priority is getting you approved for a mortgage tailored and individualized to your wants and needs with rate you’re comfortable with, now and the future.

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Main Street Mortgages

We have been providing a variety of flexible mortgage products and helping Canadians find the right mortgage for 34 years. As award-winning experts in the country, and service clients everywhere in Ontario.

Each member of our team is an expert and experienced broker who cares about your interests and goals rather than the bank's. That extends to working flexible hours that ensure we can accomodate your busy schedule just as we work to make a financial plan that accomodates your life. Our brokers work for and with you to get you your dream home, eliminate debt, use your home's equity, start investing in real estate, and more.

Why Main Street Mortgages

Flexible Mortgage Products

We provide a variety of flexible mortgage products to help you accomplish any of your financial goals and dreams with a detailed plan.

An Experienced and Dedicated Team

Each of our brokers is dedicated to addressing your individualized needs, and with several decades of experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to present and guide you through every one of your best options.

The Best Available

With many lenders competing for your business, we are able to secure you far more competitive rates than those provided when applying for a mortgage directly through a bank.

Mortgage Products

Enter the realm of personalized financial solutions with Main Street Mortgages, where a range of flexible mortgage products, a committed team of seasoned brokers, and unparalleled rates come together to lead you towards achieving your distinct goals.

New Property Mortgages

Ready to purchase a new home? Our mortgage agents and brokers will work with you to develop an effective financial plan that both provides home-ownership and long-term financial success.

Debt Elimination

We can help you get rid of those pesky 25% interest payments and lower your borrowing cost immediately. Using your home's equity, we can help you pay off your mortgage faster and become debt-free sooner.

Second Mortgages

Second mortgages allow you to tap into the equity of your home and use that money to pay off debt, improve your credit, renovations to improve your home's value, or for education to improve your income.

Mortgages for Self-Employed

Some banks and other financial institutions may reject self-employed individuals. If you need a mortgage, our dedicated team have mortgage solutions specifically tailored for the self-employed.

Real Estate Investments

You'll want the right team behind you helping you get the most out of real estate investments. Our experienced mortgage brokers will guide you on the path of investing success.

Commercial Mortgages

Our experienced team can help you secure and structure a variety of commerical mortgage packages. They can handle it all: multi-residential properties, mixed-use buildings, office condos, industrial, raw land, hotels, development projects, construction loans, and even more.

What Our Clients Say

Our Team and Values

Each member of Main Street Mortgages is a licensed broker with decades of experience who prioritizes your individualized needs, making it simple to find the ideal mortgage for you. That individualized service extends to working on a flexible schedule to accommodate your life’s own busy schedule. Based in Vaughan, Ontario, we service clients throughout Ontario.

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