Mortgage Products


Each member of Main Street Mortgages is a licensed broker with decades of experience who prioritizes your individualized needs, making it simple to find the ideal mortgage for you. That individualized service extends to working on a flexible schedule to accommodate your life’s own busy schedule. Based in Vaughan, Ontario, we service clients throughout Ontario.


Understand your homebuying budget and act swiftly when you find your dream home.

First Time Home Buyer Mortgage

We offer diverse network of lenders and mortgage products for first time home buyers.

Mortgage Renewal

We offer comprehensive mortgage renewal services with improved rates through early rate holds nd more

Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC)

An affordable borrowing option that leverages your home's equity, providing quick access to funds.

New Immigrant Mortgage In Canada

We specialize in assisting new immigrants in Canada to secure mortgages.

Mortgages For Self-Employed

We offer tailored mortgage solutions for self-employed individuals.

Rent To Own

We offer diverse network of lenders and mortgage products for first time home buyers.

Limited Credit / New To Credit Mortgages

We offer specialized mortgage options to individuals with limited credit history.

Second Mortgage Lender

We offer second mortgage lending as a solution for homeowners in Canada looking to access additional equity while keeping their existing first mortgage intact.

Mortgage Plus Improvements

Are you considering renovating your home? Our Mortgage PLUS Improvements program is designed to assist you!

Second Property Or Cottage Mortgages

Unlock the potential of a second home with our specialized second home mortgage service, offering down payments as low as 5% and expert guidance.


We are an authorized provider of the CHIP Home Income Plan, a reverse mortgage that allows you to receive payments based on the equity in your home.

Bruised or Bad Credit Mortgages

We offer alternative mortgage options from various lenders and provide a customized action plan to help you improve your credit and secure a mortgage in the future.

Mortgage Refinancing

Merge debts while meeting government loan-to-value criteria, leveraging up to 80% home equity, and covering incurred costs through the refinanced mortgage

Debt Consolidation Mortgage

Struggling with outstanding debts? Consider consolidating into a low-interest mortgage to save thousands on interest

Property Investor Services

We offer expertise in rental property financing, including lender guidelines and tailored solutions for acquisition and exit strategies.

Construction Or Build Mortgages

Are you in search of financing options to purchase land and build your dream home?

Financing Raw Land Purchases

Purchases of raw land are typically limited to a LTV (loan to value) of approximately 75% depending on zoning and purpose.

Commercial Mortgages

Receive professional support for navigating the complexities of Commercial Mortgages, let us assist you in securing the best terms for your project.

Mainstreet Capital

Enjoy passive real estate investing, monthly income, high rates of return, and security. Backed by leading mortgage brokerage & real estate.

Why Main Street Mortgages

Flexible Mortgage Products

We provide a variety of flexible mortgage products to help you accomplish any of your financial goals and dreams with a detailed plan.

An Experienced and Dedicated Team

Each of our brokers is dedicated to addressing your individualized needs, and with several decades of experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to present and guide you through every one of your best options.

The Best Available

With many lenders competing for your business, we are able to secure you far more competitive rates than those provided when applying for a mortgage directly through a bank.